With Abacus Financials partnership is always partnership of equals.

All your customers need a Finance Solution. Delivering a Salesforce Finance Solution on Abacus is an obvious choice Share in that success

Why Partner with Abacus Financials?

Our Vision

We want a partnership of equals. You don’t have to sign a one-sided agreement you don’t have to pass certification exams, and you don’t have to pay hefty fees. All we expect is a joining of hands to achieve the common aim of making our customers successful. We need to share the same vision of, “Democratizing accounting and financials through SAAS”. If you are a bespoke software consulting company, a Salesforce consulting partner or an OEM Salesforce partner, this program is for you. Let’s face it, every single one of your clients needs an accounting solution.

The Opportunity

How often you come across a situation where you lose an opportunity because you don’t have the necessary Finance and Accounting skills?

How often do you fail to achieve digital convergence and the highest level of process automation because you don’t have a flexible, integrated finance solution?

The established Salesforce accounting solutions have long implementation cycles and heavy costs. With Abacus Financials, your customer’s onboarding and migration can be completed in weeks not months. With a flexible joint implementation model, together we can ensure that customer’s complete flow of processes and businesses needs are met and adoption is made easy.

Furthermore, as the heart of the digital transformation process, implementing accounting will open up a Pandora’s box of opportunities such as implementing CRM, Payment Processing, Service Management, Expenses integration management and Professional Service Administration.

Partnership Options

With Abacus Financials, you can be either an Implementation partner or an Integration partner.

Partner Opportunities

We offer vast market opportunities, fast time to value, and an opportunity to collaborate.
We help our partners gain customers for life.

Implementation Partners

Salesforce consulting partners
Independent freelance consultants
Bespoke software consulting companies
Independent Auditors & Chartered Accountants

Selection of SI partner is as important as the software you choose in your digital transformation journey. The implementation partner is the customer’s primary point of contact, their success coach and their chief business analyst. Abacus Financials follows a dual path approach in which customer will have direct access to senior executives in Abacus financials while being continuously engaged with their SI partner.

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Integration Partners

Salesforce ISV Partners
Independent Software OEM’s

Abacus Financials partners with other OEM Salesforce and heterogeneous apps to achieve the full process life cycle and also offers managed packages. With Integration partners, Abacus respects the need for mutual sales co-operation. From joint prospecting of customers to joint implementations, it’s a relationship of equals. We offer robust web-services for ease of Integration and our internal R&D team can assist in establishing seamless connectivity with our app.

Partnership with Abacus offers a wealth of opportunities for both parties.

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Become A Partner

Implementation Partner

This partner aims at helping out customers to get up-to-speed on Abacus Financials Products and Services.

Integration Partner

This partner aims to bundle their solution with Abacus Financials Core Product.

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